Dustproof structure of lcd in electronic device and electronic device provided with dustproof structure



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a dustproof structure of an LCD corresponding to dust prevention and impact absorption by one cushion and easily assembled and to provide an electronic device having the dustproof structure. SOLUTION: A board protrusion part 42 extended in a right and left direction is provided in the width direction of an LCD flexible board 41 and an LCD flexible board receiving surface 53 abutting against the lower surface of the board protrusion part 42 of the LCD flexible board 41 is provided at an LCD frame 50. When the electronic device is assembled, the board protrusion part 42 and the upper surface of the LCD flexible board 41 form a flat surface continued to the surface of a cushion striking part 52 since the lower surface of the board protrusion part 42 of the LCD flexible board 41 abuts against the LCD flexible board receiving surface. Thereby, dust prevention of a space between a screen 10 and an LCD main body 40 can be secured by only a dustproof cushion 30 and the dustproof cushion 30 simultaneously serves a role of a cushion for impact absorption, too. COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】1個のクッションで防塵と衝撃吸収の目的に対応し、組み立ても容易なLCDの防塵構造と、その防塵構造を有する電子機器を提供する。 【解決手段】LCDフレキシブル基板41の幅方向に左右に延びる基板突起部42を設け、LCDフレーム50にはLCDフレキシブル基板41の基板突起部42の下面に当接するLCDフレキシブル基板受け面53を設け、組み立て時にLCDフレキシブル基板41の基板突起部42の下面が当接することにより、基板突起部42およびLCDフレキシブル基板41の上面がクッション突き当て部52の面と連続した平面となる。これによって防塵クッション30のみでスクリーン10とLCD本体40との間の空間の防塵が確保でき、同時に衝撃吸収用クッションの役割も果たす。 【選択図】図2




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