Information reproducing device



【課題】記録媒体からの再生信号が大きくアシンメトリしている場合に、適応等化処理と最尤復号化方式を用いると再生エラーが多く再生出来ない場合がある。 【解決手段】PLL手段6で抽出された所定の周期信号と実際のサンプリングデータの位相誤差成分を検出する第1の検出手段9と、適応等化手段7における目標レベルと実際のサンプリングデータの等化誤差成分を検出する第2の検出手段10を備え、第1の検出手段9の検出結果と第2の検出手段10の検出結果から、RF波形のアシンメトリの割合を推測し、RF再生処理系の最適な制御を行うことにより、アシンメトリがある場合でも再生性能を向上させることができる。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To solve the problems that, when a reproduction signal from a recording medium has large asymmetry, there are many reproduction errors when an adaptive equalization process and a maximum likelihood decoding system are used, and that the reproduction cannot be performed in some cases. SOLUTION: The device includes: a first detection means 9 for detecting a phase error component between a prescribed period signal extracted by a PLL means 6 and the actual sampling data; and a second detection means 10 for detecting an equalization error component between a target level in an adaptive equalization means 7 and the actual sampling data. The reproduction performance when the asymmetry exists can be improved, by estimating the proportion of the asymmetry in an RF waveform from the detection result of the first detection means 9 and the detection result of the second detection means 10, and by performing the optimum control of the RF reproduction processing system. COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI




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