Complex insulation switchgear



【課題】 試験端子を可動軸と直接接続して絶縁ロッドと一体構造にすることにより小形化を図る。 【解決手段】 主回路開閉手段9を第1の真空容器6内に配置し、接地固定電極18と接地可動電極19とからなり接地操作機構29により開閉される接地開閉手段20を第2の真空容器17内に配置して、第2の真空容器17の軸方向に移動可能な接地可動軸23と接地可動電極19とを電気的及び機械的に接続した複合絶縁スイッチギヤにおいて、試験電圧を印加可能な試験端子27を接地可動軸23と電気的に接続すると共に、試験端子27と接地可動軸23とを樹脂で一体注型して絶縁ロッド28を形成して絶縁ロッド28と接地操作機構29の接地操作棒29aとを連結したものである。 【選択図】図2
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To aim at downsizing of a switchgear by directly connecting a test terminal with a movable shaft to be integrated with an insulation rod. <P>SOLUTION: In the complex insulation switchgear in which a main circuit switching means 9 is arranged in a first vacuum vessel 6, a grounding switching means 20 consisting of a grounding fixed electrode 18 and a grounding movable electrode 19 and switched by a grounding operation mechanism 29 is arranged in a vacuum vessel 17, and a grounding movable shaft 23 and the grounding movable electrode 19 moving in the axis direction of a second vacuum vessel 17 are electrically and mechanically connected. The test terminal 27 and the grounding movable shaft 23 are integrally injection molded with resin to form the insulation rod 28, and the insulation rod 28 and a grounding operation rod 29a of the grounding operation mechanism 29 are coupled to each other. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI




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