Automobile radio signal transmission system



【課題】ラジオ信号の伝送線において低域から広帯域にかけてノイズ混入が少ない自動車ラジオ信号の伝送システムを提供すること。 【解決手段】自動車に搭載される不平衡型アンテナ1と、この不平衡型アンテナ1からの信号を増幅する増幅器2と、ラジオ受信機7を備えた自動車用ラジオ信号の伝送システムにおいて、前記増幅器2からの不平衡信号を不平衡−平衡変換器3において平衡信号に変換してツイストペア電線4で平衡伝送し、このツイストペア電線4で平衡伝送された平衡信号を平衡−不平衡変換器5において再度不平衡信号に変換してラジオ受信機7にて受信する。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a automobile radio signal transmission system having little noise mixed in over a wide frequency range, ranging from low frequencies in transmission line of the radio signal. SOLUTION: There is provided an automobile radio signal transmitting system equipped with an unbalanced type antenna 1 mounted on the automobile, an amplifier 2 for amplifying the signals from the unbalanced type antenna 1, and a radio receiver 7. In the system, unbalanced signals from the amplifier 2 are reconverted into unbalanced signals in an unbalance-to-balance converter 3, to be subjected to balanced transmission through a twisted pair electric wire 4; while the signals subjected to the balanced transmission by the twist pair electric wire 4 is reconverted into unbalanced signals, in a balance-to-unbalance converter 5 to be received by the radio receiver 7. COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI




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