Element classification and storage apparatus



【課題】 搬送回転円盤の外径サイズの大きさに影響なく素子の回収部を小型化し、分別効率を向上できるようにした新規な素子分別収納装置を提供すること。 【解決手段】 素子を供給する供給部と、前記供給部に供給された素子を搬送する搬送部と、前記搬送部の経路上に素子を検査する検査部と、前記搬送部から前記素子に流体圧力を付与して当該素子を回収する回収部4と、前記回収部4から密着巻きコイルバネで形成した第1の導入管44及び第2の導入管65を有する回収通路を介して前記素子を収納する収納部7と、を備え、前記回収部4には、前記回収通路を通流する前記素子を計測する計測手段5と、前記素子を中心部から放射方向へ転換移送する放射方向分別路62を有する分別手段6とを設けた。 【選択図】 図4
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an element classification and storage apparatus constituted in such a manner that an element recovery section can be miniaturized without being affected by the size of the external diameter of a carriage rotary disk and that classification efficiency can be improved. SOLUTION: This apparatus is equipped with a supply section for supplying elements, a carriage section for carrying the elements supplied to the supply section, an inspection section for inspecting the elements on the route of the carriage section. a recovery section 4 for recovering the elements by imparting fluid pressure to the elements from the carriage section, and a storage section 7 for storing the elements through a recovery passage having a first introducing pipe 4 and a second introducing pipe 65 formed of tightly wound coils from the recovery section 4. The recovery section 4 is provided with a measuring means 5 for measuring the elements flowing through the recovery passage and a classifying means 6 having a radiation direction classification path 62 for switching and transferring the elements from a central part into a radiation direction. COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI




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