Cell having ability of differentiating automatically pulsating cardiomyocyte isolated from tongue tissue and method for cell culture and differentiation induction



【課題】自己舌組織から、拍動する心筋細胞を創生するための細胞、細胞の培養、分化誘導法の提供。再生医学に多大な貢献をする。 【解決手段】バイオプシーによってヒトからも採取可能な組織、特に自己舌組織幹細胞から、SCA1陽性でCD34の細胞を採取し、脱メチル化剤を用いずに、血小板由来増殖因子や上皮細胞増殖因子のような成長因子を含む培地の使用と、培養における細胞外環境因子として遠心負荷をかける方法によって、拍動する心筋細胞を誘導する。 【選択図】図8
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain cells for creating a pulsating cardiomyocyte from self-tongue tissue, to provide a method for cell culture and differentiation induction and to greatly contribute to regeneration medicine. <P>SOLUTION: A pulsating cardiomyocyte is induced by collecting CD34 cells of SCA1 positive from tissue collectable even from human by a biopsy, especially from self-tongue stem cells, using a medium such as a growth factor such as a blood platelet-derived growth factor and an epithelial cell growth factor without using a demethylation agent and by a method for applying centrifugal loading as an extracellular environmental factor in culture to the cells. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI




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